Own It ✥

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This 2020, Session 11

Zoë Elizabeth Urand
1 min readDec 6, 2020


  • Responsibility for our practice and process as interaction designers
  • A statement you can stand behind
  • Do we as designers own what we do?

What could be the worst that could happen, in relation to your thesis?

At this point my topic is quite personal, as I am interested in how phatic technologies can be used to improve the remote communication between my friends and I. I think if I were to pursue it any further, which I’m not sure I will, I would have to worry about the level engagement from my friends back in Canada. There has to be an equal need and/or level of engagement from both parties, and I’m not sure there would be. Of course my friends keep in touch with me and hope I move back home, but they are not the ones who have moved thousands of miles away. Everything, more or less, has remained stable for them.

What if my thesis would have no impact?

As we near the end of this course and I ask myself this question, I think I would be bothered if my thesis had no impact. I almost wish I had considered this more before choosing a topic, because now I’m not sure I would choose something so close to my heart.